“My Haiti Story” by: Julie Bowen

I am thankfully, still changed and blessed today by my Haiti experience in 2018. I close my eyes and can feel the heat of that land, hear the giggles of the beautiful children at the Brock House, see the pure Joy as the children help unload and carry food supplies into their orphanage. I pause and tears fall as I remember the feel of God so very strong and close in the church service we attended. I am still so moved by the willingness and joy of the Haitian people to give to us, who were there to give to them. So many precious memories I will forever hold close in heart. Yet, one setting outshines them all for me. As a parent of a handicapped daughter, I know it was Gods plan all along for me to go to Haiti to meet, pray, cry, laugh and talk with another mother of a beautiful handicapped daughter. Judna. As I entered their tiny, hot and dark hut, my breath caught in my chest. Time stood still for just a few seconds as I saw this beautiful, child of God, unable to to speak or walk, yet the Light and Love of God was shining from within her. Judna smiled at ‘me’ the whole time we were in her hut/home. Her mother, as well as a precious Pastor’s wife, Bonnie Beecham, was talkiing to Judna and trying to get her to look at them, but she kept her eyes fixed on “me.” Her mother who has so very little to care for her with, has done such an amazing job! With the help of our interpreter I was able to talk with, pray with and encourage Judna’s precious mother before we left. I, who went expecting to give, to help and to bless am the one who received so much more than money could ever buy. What a beautiful God moment we had in the hot little dark hut in the Fishing Village of Haiti. Sis. Beecham took a few pictures even though it showed dark on the phone screen, and when I printed them out when I got home to IL, the angelic heavenly Light of God was seen on the wall by Judna’s bed. How gracious God is to give me such a beautiful gift to keep, see, feel and remember that He truly does see ALL, He knows All and He Loves us All.