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A huge shout out to Optum, a Health Services Innovation Company for providing a $500 donation on behalf of one of their employees, a Ke Nan Ke bridge builder.   YOU too can help Ke Nan Ke by asking your employer if they have programs that “match” your donations or make charitable contributions to nonprofit organizations.

If your employer offers an employee match program, register today so that you can double your impact in 2022.  Ke Nan Ke could use extra donations and we have support available if you have questions during the process.

Corporate Match Q & A:

Q: What is an employee match program?

A: It is a corporate giving program in which a company/corporation will match donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations, like Ke Nan Ke. It is an easy way to double your contributions to help us.


Q:  How do I request a matching gift?

A: Requesting a donor match is a fairly easy process which must be initiated by the donor using instructions provided by the company/corporation.  Conditions and criteria for gift matching vary by employer, but it usually involves filling out and submitting a donor match request provided by your employer or through an electronic submission process.


Q: I don’t see Ke Nan Ke Inc. as a recognized nonprofit organization listed in my employer’s match program, what can I do?

A: Determine if your employer or donor platform allows the option to add recommended nonprofits organizations.  If so, contact with the information or steps needed to register and a Ke Nan Ke administrator can assist you.


Q: My employer offers grants and other gift programs for nonprofit organizations.  Is Ke Nan Ke interested in how to get involved?

A: Yes we are! We partner with many nonprofit programs, and we would love to learn more!  Send the information to


Q: I still have questions, who can I contact about my employer’s match?

A: Send an email to and we will be happy to help you.

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